Civic Party Statement on the Causeway Bay Bookstore Incident


Press Statement
(16 June 2016)

Civic Party Statement on the Causeway Bay Bookstore Incident

The shop manager of the Causeway Bay Bookstore Mr Lam Wing-kee publicly disclosed yesterday how he had been forcefully detained in the Mainland. The Civic Party considers this the most serious case of political abduction since the 1997 handover. We are appalled by the blatant ways in which the Central Government has disregarded "One Country, Two Systems", by resorting to outrageous acts that effectively coerced Lam into "voluntarily" giving up his rights to inform his family and lawyers' assistance during custody.

As Lam made known publicly, the video recording made of him while he was detained in the Mainland was nothing but the result of coercion: thus, when he was made to "plead guilty", he did so not of his own free will. Likewise, Mr Li Bo admitted to him that he had been involuntarily taken back to the Mainland from Hong Kong, which is blatant indication of cross-border law enforcement by Chinese security officers. All these demonstrate clearly to the Hong Kong people that the Chinese central authorities have all along been lying, while the Hong Kong SAR Security Bureau has made little efforts, if any, to rescue the five abducted individuals associated with the Causeway Bay Bookstore.

The Civic Party strongly condemns the Central Government's blatant fabrication of "facts" in its attempt to cover up the incident of political kidnapping.

We demand that the HKSAR Government:

1. Obtain a guarantee from the Central Government that no harm will come to Mr Lam Wing-kee and the other individual associated with the Causeway Bay Bookstore incident;
2. Raise the issue of cross-border law enforcement with the Central Government for immediate and thorough follow-up;
3. Ask the Central Government to hand over to the SAR Government those security officers who have unlawfully acted in breach of the agreement that there will not be cross-border enforcement for possible prosecution;
4. Set up a special committee to investigate the matter, and pledge to make known its findings to the public as soon as possible;
5. Publicly apologise to the people of Hong Kong; and
6. Hold the government officials who are involved or aware of the incident accountable

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