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Letter to Ballett Dortmund on The Dream of The Red Chamber: Censorship Allegation


31 October 2013

Dear Dr Olaf Roth

Re: The Dream of The Red Chamber: Censorship Allegation

Hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to invite Ballett Dortmund to provide information to help me and concerned members of the community to follow up on the alleged censorship of the performance in Hong Kong.

I am a Hong Kong lawmaker and currently Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Legislative Council's Panel on Home Affairs. The Panel oversees the cultural policy and members watch out for the community's freedom of expression.

Civic Party's Submission on domestic violence in Hong Kong

pub date: 
2006-07-31 16:50

Although domestic violence is not a new issue or rare occurrence in Hong Kong (“HK”), its prevalence, its harm to the society and gender-based nature has yet to receive adequate and appropriate acknowledgement or proper handling by the HK Government ... ...

Civic Party's review about Public Service Broadcasting

pub date: 
2006-10-20 16:44

The Civic Party welcomes the opportunity to express our views on Public Service Broadcasting. Before this submission, we have consulted a few non-governmental organizations and we have also organized a forum to collect views ... ...

Research on Poverty, Discrimination and Social Exclusion Part 2: The Poverty and working Situation of Women in Remote Areas

pub date: 
2007-06-27 16:27

The discussion on “Who need the aid most?” even triggered contradiction within the society.

The Civic Party’s Position on Public Open Space

pub date: 
2008-05-31 16:09

Government recognizes the need for open space for the enjoyment of all who live in Hong Kong. Open space is defined as land use zoned for the provision of open space and recreation facilities "for the enjoyment of the general public". Government also recognizes that apart from recreational use, open space allows the penetration of light and air movement, as well as for planting areas for visual relief and is an essential ... ...

Submission to the Panel of Home Affairs on the Proposed Injection of Funds into the Arts and Sport Development Fund

pub date: 
2009-02-03 15:57

The proposed distribution of fund is to give $60 million for the arts portion and $90 million for the sports portion. This appears to be a change in direction from previous practice, in which the supply of funds to Arts and Sports are equally distributed, as for instance, in January 2007, when the government last injected $80 million to ASDF for an equal share between the support of Arts and of Sports.

Submission on Proposals to Facilitate Redevelopment by the Private Sector by lowering applications Threshold under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance

pub date: 
2010-07-16 15:42

Civic Party opposes any amendment to lower the application threshold for the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance to not less than 80% for any classes of buildings. Our reasons are as follow ... ...

Opening Ceremony of the Joint Office of Audrey Eu & Tanya Chan, Legislative Councilors


The new Audrey and Tanya’s Joint Office has started its service in Shaukeiwan to serve the Hong Kong Island community since mid-July. It opens 11am – 7pm from Mon to Fri.

To celebrate its opening, a ceremony will be held this Sunday, we welcome citizens to join us! Details as follows:

Date: July 24 (Sun)
Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm
Venue: Unit 107, Wah Po Building, 334-346 Shau Kei Wan Road, Hong Kong
Guest of Honour: Mrs. Anson Chan, GBM, JP & Dr. Allen Lee, JP


Our appreciation for your generosity in support


We, the Civic Party, want to express our appreciation for your generosity in support of the 5th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to us but even more to the vision for a free, democratic and just society. Thank you from all of us.




The income and expenditure account of the fund-raising activity held on 2 May 2010 for Earthquake in Qinghai (Public Subscription Permits No. 2010/188/1)

The donation received was donated to Hong Kong Red Cross Qinghai Earthquake 2010. We would like to thank the helps from Social Welfare Department, Hong Kong Red Cross, Chan Yuk Yan Connie Certified Public Accountant (Practising), and Info Pacific Consultants Company.