Health & Well Being

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Holiday Greetings From Civic Party!


Holiday Greetings from members and friends!

Submission on the Administration’s Healthcare Reform Consultation Document

pub date: 
2008-06-08 16:07

The Civic Party has taken time to study the Administration’s Healthcare Reform Consultation Document (“the Document”).  This submission contains the view taken by the Civic Party ... ...

Building a Fair and Green Hong Kong without Poverty and Homelessness

pub date: 
2010-09-14 15:28

The Civic Party advocates for 6 main objectives in the Policy Address for 2010-11: Alleviating the Poor; Satisfying Housing Needs; Abolishing Unfair Political Privileges; Implementing Fair Competition; Green Economy; and Quality Living.

Street Forum on Health Care Reform


A street forum on Health Care Reform has been organized by Civic Party Kowloon West Branch on 16 March (Sunday). The Forum has been chaired by Ms. Claudia Mo (Chairlady, Kowloon West Branch of the Party). Speakers included Hon. Alan Leong (LegCo Member), Dr. Edward Leung (President, Hong Kong Association of Gerontology) and Mr. Ho Yin Ming (Spokesman, Patients Alliance on Health Care Reform).