Environment & Sustainable Development

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Reclamation outside the harbour only as last resort for specific needs

pub date: 
2012-03-10 12:00

Civic Party has studied the Strategy to Enhance Land Supply, and will submit the following views during the current Stage 1 Public Engagement Exercise ... ...


Civic Party's proposal about the future electricity market in Hong Kong

pub date: 
2006-03-31 16:53

At present, electricity is put under the Economic Development & Labour Bureau (EDLB). We need an integrated approach taking into account environmental concerns as well as the need for an overall energy policy. Hence we propose an Independent Energy Authority (IEA) be set up as soon as possible with a view to the regulation of a competitive market ... ...

Harbour Area Treatment Scheme and Sewage Charges Civic Party Submission to Legco Environmental Affairs Panel

pub date: 
2007-01-22 16:39

The planning for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) commenced as early as 1989 (previously called SSDS). It is disappointing that the government, after 18 years,  has not yet shown full commitment to its early completion after many delays and numerous reviews ... ...

Ways to mitigate Wall Effect in building developments

pub date: 
2007-03-23 16:35

The government should immediately extend the application of [Technical Circular on Air Ventilation Assessment (TC1/06)] which is currently applicable to government developments only, to all projects of the Urban Renewal Authority and the Railway Corporations, with a view to finally extending to all public and private developments, to ensure that air ventilation of the district is not compromised ... ...

Civic Party Position Paper on Cultural and Heritage Preservation

pub date: 
2007-04-17 16:33

In the face of such a lack in strategy, initiative, transparency, public engagement and legislation on the topic of Heritage and Cultural Preservation, the need for reform is urgent and dire.

Civic Party believes that in drawing up policies for ‘Heritage and Cultural Preservation’, a determination and belief in the value of ‘culture’ is fundamental. As such, we have formulated a position paper and submitted to the Government for their onward action.

How Hong Kong should respond to Global Warming: A Civic Party Perspective

pub date: 
2007-05-27 16:29

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) if carbon dioxide content is to be stabilized at a level two times that of the pre-industrial revolution period, the current level of global emission has to be reduced by half. However ... ...

Civic Party Position Paper on Environmental Levy on Plastic Shopping Bags

pub date: 
2007-07-07 16:25

The Government proposes to introduce, under the Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS), an environmental levy of 50 cents on each plastic shopping bag requested by customers. In the initial stage, the levy will apply to chain or large supermarkets, convenience stores and personal health and beauty stores, which make up less than 4% of HK’s retail outlets. It will not cover the small-scale, individual neighbourhood retail stores and the local markets ... ...

Statement on the Conservation of Street Markets

pub date: 
2007-07-20 16:23

1. Hawkers have long been an integral part of the community in Hong Kong.  This is especially significant since the post–war period when a large number of refugees and immigrants re-started life here by building their livelihood on street trading. This dynamic resulted in a rare heritage environment criss-crossed with ... ...

Submission by the Civic Party to the Legco Subcommittee on Antiquities and Monuments (Withdrawal of Proposed Monument) (No. 128 Pokfulam Road)

pub date: 
2008-03-12 16:12

Having examined the material put forward by the Government regarding the withdrawal of the provisional monument status of Jessville (No. 128 Pokfulam Road), the Civic Party would like to highlight the following observations ... ...

The Civic Party’s Position on Air Pollution Control (Amendment) Ordinance 2008

pub date: 
2008-04-22 16:11

In response to the proposed amendment to the Air Pollution Control Ordinance, the Civic Party would like to set out its position as follows ... ...