Civic Party LegCo members to visit US to give an informed and objective view on the latest situation in HK


Civic Party LegCo members Alvin Yeung, Party Leader, and Dennis Kwok, legal sector (the delegation) will be visiting New York, US on 13 August to meet with international human rights NGOs, political and business representatives, legal sector, academics, and Hong Kong people in US.

Alvin Yeung said the delegation will inform international human rights NGOs of Hong Kong Police’s abuse of powers and brutality against protestors in recent months, and violations of international human rights laws and standards, including the alleged use of expired tear gas, firing tear gas and sponge tipped bullets at protestors directly and from above, targeting heads, and assaulting subdued protestors. Alvin Yeung will urge the groups to inform and request relevant countries to ban the exports of crowd control agents into Hong Kong, and to cease the provision of trainings to Hong Kong Police.

It is crystal clear that the Central and HKSAR governments have been suppressing protests in Hong Kong highhandedly, disregarding Hong Kong people’s lawful and legitimate demands, stressed the delegation. Also, Hong Kong Police’s collaboration with triads has transpired, as exemplified by the mass attacks in Yuen Long by gangsters against protestors and ordinary citizens on 21 July.

Dennis Kwok said they will also meet with politicians, academics, and Hong Kong people in US. They will meet with the National Committee on American Foreign Policy, and speak in a breakfast briefing at Asia Society headquarters in New York on the topic of “Perspectives on Hong Kong's Protests”. They will exchange views with representatives from the political and academic circles in the briefing.

Besides, the delegation will meet with bipartisan members to explain the latest development of the controversy over the extradition bill, discuss the proposed amendments to the Hong Kong Policy Act, and the introduction of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. The delegation points out that the continuous suppression of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong by the Central and HKSAR governments in past years have pushed Hong Kong to a critical point, and laid clear foundation for any upcoming US bills about Hong Kong. The Central and HKSAR governments should consider themselves warned.


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