More than 3000 legal professionals joined the silent march and assembly against political prosecution and demanded establishment of Independent Commission of Inquiry


Civic Party’s LegCo (Legal) member Dennis Kwok and 30 members of the Legal Subsector of the Election Committee co-organised a Silent March and Assembly today against DOJ’s political prosecution of anti-extradition bill protestors and overdue prosecution of violent thugs who attacked citizens in Yuen Long which have called into question DOJ’s independence and political neutrality. The legal profession demanded the government to set up an Independent Commission of Inquiry into the events arising from the controversy over the extradition bill.

The procession began at the CFA and ended at Justice Place. Over 3000 participated in the march. The greater turnout compared to the silent march held two months ago reflects the strong view of the legal profession against DOJ’s political use of prosecutorial authority and their demand for setting up an Independent Commission of Inquiry.

Upon the procession’s arrival at Justice Place, Dennis Kwok requested to meet with the Secretary for Justice and Director of Public Prosecutions to discuss the guidelines on prosecuting protestors in recent events. The request was made through a DOJ staffer. At the assembly, Dennis Kwok spoke on behalf of the legal profession that they do not accept any form of political prosecution. He demanded DOJ’s response on whether there was any political consideration in the recent prosecution decisions, and to explain their legal grounds publicly.

Former LegCo member Martin Lee SC, Edward Chan SC, Denis Chang SC, Audrey Eu SC, former LegCo member Margaret Ng and solicitor Kelvin Yam spoke in the assembly.

Martin Lee said equality before the law is the most important principle of the rule of law. It is unacceptable that the police would arrest people wearing black promptly, but turn a blind eye towards those wearing white, and not even raise a question when a large group of them gathered. This is destroying the rule of law. Selective prosecution is unacceptable as well.

Edward Chan said Hong Kong society needs the truth, and the truth can only be uncovered by setting up an Independent Commission of Inquiry. He believes IPCC’s investigation will not win public confidence because of the limitation of powers of the IPCC, and that the investigation would depend largely on police’s cooperation. It is therefore not an effective solution to the social unrest Hong Kong is facing now.


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