Near 3000 legal professionals demanded withdrawal of the extradition bill in silent protest


Co-organised by 30 members of the Legal Subsector of the Election Committee and Dennis Kwok Wing-hang, Legislative Council member (legal) and member of Civic Party, a silent march was held today in protest against the government’s proposal to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. A record high of nearly 3000 people joined the protest march from the Court of Final Appeal building to the Central Government Offices building via Lung Wo Road led by legal professionals, demonstrating a strong and united stance of the legal profession against the amendment bill.

Dennis Kwok demands the government to cease using the Taiwan homicide case as a sham for its political motivation. He said there have been numerous alternative suggestions made since the government announced its intention to amend the law in February 2019. The suggestions all aim at resolving the Taiwan homicide case, including a bill to expand extra-territorial effect of relevant offences. It is with much regret that the government ignored the suggestions for the sake of pushing through its political mission, disregarding the danger it may cause to Hong Kong people and visitors, and wrecking the foundation of the rule of law of Hong Kong and the One Country Two Systems.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam and government officials responsible for the bill claimed to be willing to listen to opinions from all walks of life and to explain the bill. But when 30 members of the Legal Subsector of the Election Committee wrote to request a meeting to discuss the bill, the Chief Executive refused with excuses. Their pretence to listen to opinions from all is just lip service.

A number of countries, including 28 countries of the European Union, the United States of America, and Canada, have issued statements to express deep concerns towards the proposed amendments respectively, and worries of the potential impact on their nationals and business interests in Hong Kong. It is clear that the proposed amendments will not only affect Hong Kong residents but also shaken Hong Kong’s status and reputation as an international financial centre.

With respect to the concerns above, Dennis Kwok and the 30 members of the Legal Subsector of the Election Committee again urge the government to withdraw the amendment bill to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, and to deal with the Taiwan homicide case by the existing case-specific mechanism to manifest justice in that case. Also, they appeal to all Hong Kong citizens to join the march on 9 June at Victoria Park. Together, we will resist the evil law.


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