Civic Party Leader delivers Keynote Speech during his US Tour; Urging the International Community not to ignore Hong Kong

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Press Statement
Issued on 10 May 2018

Civic Party Leader delivers Keynote Speech during his US Tour
Urging the International Community not to ignore Hong Kong

Civic Party Chairman Alan LEONG Kah-kit was invited by the Heritage Foundation to deliver a keynote speech on 10 May at 10 pm (Hong Kong Time) on the current state of politics in Hong Kong and its relationship with Beijing on an international level. This included how the “One Country, Two Systems” Principle was being distorted and deformed, the Umbrella Movement and how Xi Jinping’s constitutional amendment influenced Hong Kong (See Hyperlink). It was followed by a discussion with Party Leader Alvin YEUNG Ngok-kiu and Minky Worden from Human Rights Watch.

In his speech, Alan LEONG told the international community that by ignoring Hong Kong is a “mistake”. He explained Hong Kong’s significance increases when President Xi wants to substitute values and the institution of the China model for those practised for centuries by the world’s liberal democracies. He believed Hong Kong is the best proof to the world that the core values and institutions practised by world liberal democracies can work amongst Chinese people, with the pertaining culture and history.

Alan LEONG also described the current situation of Hong Kong to the audience, that in the recent decades, Beijing has interfered Hong Kong’s affair through different means. As examples, he cited the Standing Committee allowed to apply Mainland laws at Express Rail Link Terminus in West Kowloon, bringing immense pressure to bear on the Hong Kong Administration to enact National Security Laws required under Article 23 of the Basic Law, repeated interpretations by the Standing Committee of the Basic Law etc and stressed there was growing doubt in Hong Kong that the Basic Law was being observed by Beijing. He hoped Beijing would understand that it will be in China and international community’s interest to keep Hong Kong the way it is as China’s only true international financial centre by stop meddling in affairs within Hong Kong’s promised autonomy and abridging the freedoms it had been promised under the Basic Law to ensure the “One Country, Two Systems Principle” functions properly.

As the China-US Trade War may affect Hong Kong, Alan LEONG believed if America has evidence that China fouled WTO rules or breached any bilateral agreements, it should have resolve the matter through the WTO resolution mechanism or filed law suits against Chinese entities. A trade war would only drive China further away from universal values such as democracy, freedom and rule of law. Alan LEONG also pointed out that levying prohibitive tariff on steel and aluminium exports from Hong Kong is unreasonable and cannot be justified as Hong Kong always sticks to ground rules for free trade and is a vanguard of multilateral trade. Applying economic sanctions to Hong Kong will only hurt its leading position as the only international financial and trading centre in China.

Hyperlinks for the Keynote Speech in English and Chinese version.



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