Statement by the Civic Party On the Refusal of Entry of Benedict Rogers


Press Release

Statement by the Civic Party
On the Refusal of Entry of Benedict Rogers

Benedict Rogers, the Vice President of the British Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, concerns about the situation of human rights in Asian countries. Today (11th October, 2017), he was refused entry by the Hong Kong Government and repatriated immediately. The five Legislative Councillors of the Civic Party express their disappointment on this issue.

Rogers monitors the human issues in Hong Kong for years. Our Party Leader, Hon Alvin Yeung, visited the United Kingdom last month and met Rogers personally. Rogers organised campaigns in UK to support the three young pro-democratic activists (Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow). He raised a number of campaigns to raise public awareness on the current human rights and political situation in Hong Kong.

The five CP legislative councillors are confused about the immigration department on refusing the entry of Rogers. Rogers holds a British passport therefore does not require any visas to enter HK. We doubt the Immigration Department have the power to refuse Rogers from entering Hong Kong. The Civic Party will request the Security Bureau to give a proper explanation on this matter.

We reiterate that Hong Kong, as an international city, must respect the freedom of movement of foreign visitors. The security bureau cannot use "individual incident" as an excuse to bar any persons with different political stance to enter HK.

Legislative Councillors
Alvin Yeung
Dennis Kwok
Jeremy Tam
Tanya Chan
Kwok Ka Ki

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