Dennis Kwok urges SJ to intervene in police detention of students


Press Statement
(28 September 2014)


Dennis Kwok urges SJ to intervene in police detention of students


Legislator Dennis Kwok has strongly criticized the police for the continued detention in police custody of 3 students arrested in the demonstration Friday evening. The detention is now over 24 hours. The youngest of the 3, Joshua Wong, is just 17 years old, while Alex Chow and Lester Shum are 19 to 21. The 3 are charged with various minor crimes as dashing into the government compound, unlawful assembly and obstructing the police. The execution of the search warranty at their various homes is completely unnecessary and unjustified. 

Mr. Kwok, who represents the legal profession, demands the intervention of the Secretary for Justice, Rimsky Yuen, SC to inquire into the reasons of the police for the prolonged detention of these young students, and whether they have exceeded their lawful authority in prolonging the detention of the students unnecessarily for political reasons.

“The sanctity of personal liberty is the most important right protected by the rule of law,” Mr Kwok told the 50,000-strong assembly outside Government headquarters, “The Secretary for Justice has the duty to ensure that the police stays well within their lawful authority particularly in such a sensitive situation.”

Joshua Wong is the Convenor of Scholarism, Alex Chow and Lester Shum are the Hon Secretary and deputy Hon Secretary of the Hong Kong Federation of Students which played a major role in organizing the boycott of classes last week.



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