Statement from Ronny Tong about the decision of NPCSC




2nd September, 2014

Statement from Ronny Tong about the decision of NPCSC

As seen by everyone on television, I was devastated by the decision of NPCSC on 31st August. But after a few days deep reflection, I have come to the view that whether I should remain in LegCo should not be simply dictated by my personal feelings. Furthermore, one should not lightly give up one's election pledges and ideals.

Despite my repeated public statements, some still doubt my stance on political reform and the best way to fulfill my election pledges and live up to my ideal of fighting for genuine universal suffrage is to stay in LegCo and veto the political reform dictated by NPCSC a few days ago. I shall from now on concentrate my work in LegCo on social issues and await the day of vetoing the government's resolution on political reform. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who are concerned about my well being over the last few days. Your support is deeply appreciated.


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