A Proud Month


Dear Members

A Proud Month

July started with the mass protest on 7.1. Whatever the number, it is undoubtedly the third largest turnout of the decade. The pouring rain and strong winds of typhoon signal 3 put a premature end to the concert and rally organized by those in support of the government but did little to dampen the spirit of those marching for universal suffrage and calling for the lackluster chief executive to step down.

In fact, the large number of participants meant the march left Victoria Park half an hour earlier at 2.30 pm instead of the usual 3pm, and the last batch of the queue only managed to clear the Park 3 hours later. I feel proud to be a Hong Konger. I never felt so warm despite the wetness. I see on the faces of those in the march not so much anger but hope.

The Civic Party and many other organizations received record donations topping all previous marches. We are deeply grateful for the hard work of the volunteers and the generous donation from the public.

Shortly thereafter, we see the Director of the China Liaison Office Mr Zhang Xiao Ming making a historic lunch visit to the Legislative Council to meet all legislators including the pan democrats.

The Secretary and Under-secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs also broke ice with the Alliance for True Democracy and met to discuss their recent proposal for universal suffrage. There are signs for the beginning of an unofficial consultation even though the chief executive is still coy about the timing for the official consultation. I have no doubt this is the result of people’s power. If we are persistent, we will conquer.

I must also announce that our long time Chief Project Officer, Aufei, is leaving us the end of next month. I am also proud to announce that not only is he accepted by my alma mater the London School of Economics and Political Science for a Master Degree, he is also awarded the Chevening Scholarship by the UK Government AND elected as one of the HSBC scholars for the year! Hip hip hooray, best wishes Aufei! (By the way, I have just decided to give him the task of setting up a Civic Party London branch. I am so used to being accused of colluding with the foreign forces, I might as well ask Aufei to put this into action.)

In the same happy mood, we welcome our new Project Officer Ian. He is no stranger to the Civic Party, having helped in many of our previous elections. I have no doubt he will be our calm helmsman however severe the storm ahead.

The Civic Party has also launched a new video to promote membership (http://youtu.be/m7p1Mn-xTW8). We have a competition going on until the end of the year as to who can get the most new members. Quite apart from the fun, a stronger and larger membership and the move towards party politics are essential for Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy. Without more mature political parties in Hong Kong, even if there is genuine universal suffrage, only those backed by the largest party - the Communist Party –will win. We have to give Hong Kong people a choice. Don’t forget the Civic Party aspiration to be one day the governing party. Please help to promote our video and please convince more of your friends and acquaintances to join the Party.

The next members’ gathering is this Saturday 20th July. Please come!


Audrey Eu


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