Submission on UN Human Rights Committee On The Third Report Of The HKSAR In The Light OF The ICCPR

pub date: 
2013-05-20 16:57

Ever since the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (“ICCPR”) was first extended to Hong Kong in 1976, it has played a crucial role in the protection of civil and political rights and even in the constitutional development in Hong Kong.  The Civic Party therefore expresses regret in the fact that the HKSAR Government has not been giving the ICCPR and the UN Human Rights Committee (“the Committee”), the body tasked to monitor its implementation, the due weight they deserve in recent years.  The Civic Party urges the Administration to recognize the views of the Committee as binding upon the Government and to implement all the recommendations made by the Committee in its concluding observations on Hong Kong’s third periodic report.

The Civic Party also greatly appreciates the time and effort various NGOs—especially Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, which acted as the coordinator—have put into producing their Joint Submission to the Committee on the implementation of the ICCPR in Hong Kong (“the Joint Submission”).  The Civic Party generally agrees with the recommendations in the Joint Submission and urges the Administration to take heed of them as well.  This submission is to provide an account of several supplementary observations made by the Civic Party in relation to the recommendations made by the Committee and those in the Joint Submission.