Chairman's Weekly Email


28 May 2012

Dear Members and Friends,

We have set out to develop a centrist but progressive position, thereby offering a unique political variant to citizens. This may well be a rather unrewarding posturing, but one that is nonetheless needed more than ever for Hong Kong. I believe it is also important for a party that aspires to become a Government-in-waiting to focus on building a sustainable base of progressive voters.

I am not naive. It has become harder to commit to progressive politics in a polarising and restless atmosphere, as if the people of Hong Kong must now choose either “disruption and obstruction” or “stability and harmony”. Against this background, the rulers will continue to deepen people’s resistance to change and their habit of submission.

Let’s be honest, not everyone who uses the words “stability and harmony” wants them with democracy, freedom and justice. Autocrats often call for harmony and stability, by which they mean submission to their will, which is no real stability and development. By the same token, defiant gestures have caught eyeballs, but those acts so far have brought little hope for a better and genuine future.

It’s normal that some friends are afraid of uncertainty, too busy to meet up to discuss difficult issues, less prepared to walk the talk, or less capable of taking on more responsibility towards what they claim they believe.

Anybody who tries to reason like we do is dismissed as “weak”, “wavering” or “blurred”. We must all be willing and able to see that cementing a progressive centre is definitely worth our time and energy, and it’s what the Civic Spirit demands. Everywhere I turn I see that people with the righteous soul want real changes for Hong Kong and for themselves. These people constitute our natural constituency. If we do not call out for them, who will?

We are fortunate to have members who give time, strengths and expertise to the party. I am sure our branch leaders and candidates are thrilled to see that our members do care and are willing to contribute.

Party Leader has taken the lead in the preparation for the September election.

If you think you could help, please step forward.


In Solidarity!

Ka Lok


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