Chairman's Weekly Email


16 May 2012

Dear Members and Friends

On Sunday I joined three rallies in a row, from Save the Sharks, through National ("Patriotic") Education, to Police Powers, which were well-organised by civil society groups.

It was good to be able to meet with members, friends and supporters and spent time together on matters of common interests. Direct, face-to-face, "thick" and "off-line" communications are rendered more, not less, important in an increasing wired world.

Taking part in collective actions with just a couple hundred people in a hot and steamy day, which happened also to be Mother's Day, I began to think what it was that moved people to take action instead of just free-riding on others' hard labour.

My observations are inevitably superficial, so I hope you could help me out by sharing yours in the meantime.

First, we are propelled to act against what doesn't seem right, we believe one can make one’s mark by being consistently positive, reliable and action focused.

Second, collective action is about getting things done through people. If you are not enthusiastic or passionate about what we do, no one else will be enthusiastic for you.

Third, positive thinking and action is the cure to blame game, denial, self-pitying and other evasive attitudes which will serve public interest poorly.

Fourth, worry not what you cannot control, such as the number of people who would come and join, but focus on what can be controlled, such as the message and methods to get your message across, then find a way forward and act on that.

Of course, one can focus on bad things and setbacks in life, day in day out.

How are we going to choose? Hope you can tell me!


In Solidarity!

Ka Lok



6 May -- Voters Registration Kickoff Event

6 May -- Guest of Honour at District Activity organized by CP Eastern District Councillors K Y Chan and Patrick Leung

13 May -- Save the Sharks

13 May -- Say No to Brainwashing, Say No to National Education

13 May -- Rally against Abuse of Police Powers

14 May -- Put People's Rights and Social Wellbeing First, Scrap the Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill!



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