Alvin YEUNG Ngok-kiu

Party Leader

Alvin YEUNG is currently a practising barrister. He graduated from University of Western Ontario, Canada, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Alvin then attended Peking University, China and University of Bristol, United Kingdom and obtained a Master of Laws (Constitutional and Administrative Law) and Master of Arts (Legal Studies) respectively. Since 2011, Alvin has been representing the Civic Party to stand in multiple elections, such as the District Council, the Election Committee and the Legislative Council.

Alvin was elected as a member of the Legal Constituency of the Election Committee for the Chief Executive in late 2011. He won the 2016 Legislative Council By-election (New Territories East) with 160,880 votes. In September 2016, Alvin was re-elected as a Legislative Council member (New Territories East).