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Young Civics Branch


The Young Civics is a local youth organization established by the Civic Party. The aim is to encourage young people aged 15 and 40 to actively participate in community affairs and encourage youth voice.

1. To promote the vision of Civic Party among the youth;
2. To respect and care the youth, and to encourage youth voice;
3. To enhance the social awareness of the youth and their participation in world affairs;
4. To encourage the youth to express themselves and nurture them into future leaders for Hong Kong.

Branch Committee List

Chairman Wong Chun Kit Daniel
Vice Chairman Hui Shing Yan Ivan
  Wan Chung Yin Matthew
Secretary Kong Yip
Treasurer Li Chun Hei Joshua
Convenor of KLE Lee Kwan Chak
Convenor of KLW Cheung Kwan Kiu Steve
Convenor of HKI Cheng Tat Hung
Convenor of NTE Chan Man Fai
Convenor of NTW Sin Ho Fai
Convenor Lee Ka Ho
  Tsang Fan Chun Oscar
  Kam King Yu
  Kau Brandon Tin Yu